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Interim Directorships

As a former museum director and deputy director as well as one who has guided the advancement and fund-raising efforts of cultural and educational organizations, I am now pleased to make myself available to museums and other cultural and educational organizations seeking  interim directors.  Far from simply being a “place holder”, an interim directorship can provide a discrete time in an institution’s life in which a great deal can be accomplished.  It is often a very fertile time for consolidation, planning, assessment and re-invigorated fundraising.  It sends a strong message to staff in such a period that the interim has a comprehensive knowledge of the unique structures, workings and concerns of major nonprofits.

I have recently undertaken additional training specifically for interim directorships and turnaround efforts.

In 2017 I had the pleasure of serving as Interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Kripalu after a sudden resignation during a critical period.