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Since 2010 I have devoted most of my time to writing three books, Inspiring Generosity, Inspiring Courage and Inspiring Forgiveness. These projects have been enormously gratifying and have led to many wonderful connections with individuals and groups for whom these subjects resonate deeply.

During these years I have also maintained an enthusiastic engagement with some remarkable nonprofits whose missions are synchronous with my own and who make a significant difference in our world.

Now removed from obligations of writing deadlines and pressing client needs, my daily focus is on the aspects of my life that have the greatest meaning for me.

Writing is now for pleasure and on my own schedule. While I can be my own worst critic, I keep a daily practice of pushing the pen across the page wherever it goes. I have found great pleasure in writing for an audience of one – at least for now. A firm believer that the best writing comes from a life of reading, I devote several hours a day to endless piles of books of every kind.

While no longer taking on new clients, my professional muscles are now exercised in two major organizational involvements. In 2010 I was instrumental in establishing a fund to support women in my region facing the dual challenges of living with cancer and significant financial need. The Denise Kaley Fund for Berkshire County Women with Cancer now gives several grants each week and has become a significant force for good in the Berkshires.

I also serve on a committee of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation that focuses on the complex and rewarding mission of re-imagining resources for educational initiatives in the area.

Aware of the daily blessings of living in the beautiful hills of western Massachusetts, I relish a contemplative life in the natural world as well as classical music, theatre, gardening, yoga and the centrality of Buddhist study and practice.